Bands and Live Music Equipment Rental

Hackney Empire Production

Bands and Live PA, Reinforcement and Production Sound for bands is often taken for granted, you only know about it when it’s bad and complaints are made.  We often get compliments over how clear and detailed the mixes are, both for the audience and on stage where we can separate  […]

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AV Exhibition Suppliers

Business Exhibition AV supplier Stansted

Business Exhibition AV We provide many services for local business exhibitions.  From temporary power and distribution around stands, through to AV in breakout and seminar rooms.  Equipment rental for stands including TV’s lights and laptops for customers to demonstrate their services away from their office.  We can handle the logistics […]

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Public Gatherings

Public Gathering and Memorial PA systems Often for public meetings and gatherings it is required to have several speakers giving presentations, be it a memorial, a gathering or entertaining.  We have several different speaker and microphone systems available for different size events.  Each event requires planning for the placement and […]

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Training and Small Scale Events

Training Events & Small Scale Information Events Event’s don’t need to be complicated.  Much of our work is providing equipment for training and information events.  These events typically consist of a small PA speaker system with radio microphones.  Generally a projector screen and projector to connect a laptop to for […]

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Conference Equipment Rental

Conferences and Corporate Shows With many different kinds of experience and vibes of events we’ve created a photo gallery to best depict our range of corporate events for conferences and corporate shows.  Having provided various elements of AV production to a full production and managed event we have experience in […]

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Race PA

charity race event Harlow Watergardens

Obstacle and Race PA systems Entertaining your crowd for the warm-up, keeping the spectators interested and ultimately lifting the mood for the start of the race.  A good PA race system needs to centre the focus on the area of entertainment, mainly near the start line of a race.  Often […]

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Carnival PA Hire, Pride and Float Sound

Carnival, Pride and PA Floats PA systems on floats come in all shapes and sizes. From a roof mounted horn speakers, to a fully blown Stage size speaker system.  It’s very easy to underestimate the noise in a carnival atmosphere, people shouting, blowing whistles and horns.  You need something that’s […]

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Outdoor Public Address (PA)

Dressage PA Speakers

Outdoor Public Address (PA) Outdoor PA systems are designed to be quickly deployed and provide speech amplification across a large area.  Unfortunately most speaker systems for outdoor addressing sound tinny and have a piercing shrill.  Outdoor PA systems are often seen at Equine dressage, show jumping, village fetes and fayres […]

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Uplighting and Colour Theming

Room uplighting Manor Of Groves

Corporate Event Theming with Uplighting Uplighting and colour theming can really change an area dramatically from a cold venue space, to a welcoming branded space adding products to compliment the warm glow.  Adding light can brighten up dark areas or provide a focus.  Much of our LED uplight collection are […]

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