Small breakout PA & Projector up to 100 people

Breakout Room AV Setup

Day +

A great small breakout room PA and projector system designed for small seminars of 50 people.

For small presentations such as seminars during exhibitions of up to 50 people you need a radio microphone for people to hear with speakers.  A pull up projector screen with small desktop projector (VGA or HDMI) and PC sound connection ensures your videos can be seen and heard.


We can offer free set-up delivery and collection during office hours for this package within a 10mile radius of Harlow - subject to being free and bookings



2x Active small speakers with round base black stands

1x Handheld Sennheiser Radio microphones + batteries

1x small mixing desk up to 6 microphone channels

1x 3.5mm mini-jack for PC sound


1x Small desktop projector with HDMI and VGA leads (2m long)

1x pull up projector screen - white screen aperature 1.8m wide 1.34 high

Extra radio microphones



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