Fixed installations

Fixed installations is a bit of a broad area which is why we've broken it down into areas and purposes.  Installations can be from a simple background music system at a hotel for zone areas such as reception, spa and gym or a fully blown club installation with live acts playing through as well as playback of background music.  Each installation is unique and once installed we provide services to maintain the systems and are able to carry out additional installations and adaptions. 

Browse through our sub sections below to better understand the kind and quality installations we supply and fit.  Each installation is considered on the venue layout, function, quality and value.  We'll often use non badged brands because they offer considerable value and quality for fixed installations. 

No installation will work forever.  Electronics fail, areas get dusty or your venue has a change of function.  Whatever the case we offer maintenance services either retained or on an adhoc basis.  We've been involved with installations where there has been years of modifying and adaptions for different temporary situations such as sports on TV and they systems are left unlabeled, in need of a good clean and tidy up.


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