No installation will work forever.  Electronics fail, areas get dusty or your venue has a change of function.  Whatever the case we offer maintenance services either retained or on an adhoc basis.  We've been involved with installations where there has been years of modifying and adaptions for different temporary situations such as sports on TV and they systems are left unlabeled, in need of a good clean and tidy up.


Having seen many installations where the best thing would be to take a pair of cutters, rip it out and start again, when you delve in actually isn't too bad.  We have experience of seeing many neglected systems suffering years of community and good will upgrades hindering the original system design and often creating problems of wrongly labelled controls, things controlling things they shouldn't, excess hums or distorted outputs.

We repair many forms of musical electronics often for local schools and musicians.

Our service includes repairs, servicing and modification including fixing broken knobs, replacing speakers or repairing blown equipment

This includes:

Testing of in-service electrical equipment despite not being required by law, is often good practice and several regulations including the Health and Safety at work act 1974 and the Provision of Use of work equipment suggest equipment should be maintained in a satisfactory and orderly manner.

Testing is carried out in mainly two ways, visual, and combined electrical and visual test.

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