Equipment popular to hire for a training meeting

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Speaker PA speaker systems with projector and screen AV packages designed for meetings and conferences.

Various range of screens to hire for presentations and options for extra roaming radio microphones for Q&A, we are one of only a few AV companies who also stock throwable microphones to engage with your audience to encourage them to participate and break the ice. 

Final systems will depend upon the room size and configuration.  We would always suggest that we deliver and set-up the kit to get the best from the situation and can supply a technician for peace of mind 

Price: £60.00 (£50.00 + £10.00 tax)
Price: £30.00 (£25.00 + £5.00 tax)
Price: £42.00 (£35.00 + £7.00 tax)
Price: £54.00 (£45.00 + £9.00 tax)

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