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Why record a meeting? 

Many AGMs and review meetings for public companies need to be documented for evidence and for later review or transcription into documents or for websites. We've provided many solutions using fully digital equipment which can be used in the smallest room and plugs into a laptop for control offering a discrete and fast set-up.  The benefit of a fully digital system is that the audio files can issued within moments of the meeting finishing in it's raw form.

How does it sound? 

Benefits of having lapel radio microphones on all speakers is that the sound will be very high quality and sound natural as the microphone is kept a constant distance, this also minimises background noise, if for example the meeting is in a live sounding room where there is lots of echo or reverberation or if the audience are loud.  This provides better quality audio for putting onto websites and for distributing to investors or high profile members of the company. 

Get us involved

Below is a popular choice of equipment to hire, if you have in house technicians they will usually be able to set-up and record your meeting however we always recommend using one of our highly skilled technicians to provide you with the best service.  We can offer integration into existing equipment for speakers, or can provide these too.  We regularly work as a bolt on to webcasting companies to provide a much improved audio source over the camera microphone.  

Each set-up is bespoke and we are pleased to offer a FREE initial consultation on how we can provide you with a great sounding recording.  We are based in Harlow just outside London and regularly work in local hotels and financial banks for end of year and half year performances.

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Price: £60.00 (£50.00 + £10.00 tax)
Price: £42.00 (£35.00 + £7.00 tax)
Price: £720.00 (£600.00 + £120.00 tax)

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