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Providing quality speaker PA systems for floats and carnival village events.  Speaker systems with self contained power from generators or battery giving quality sound without the headache of ear piercing old school horns.

We've all seen and been involved in Carnivals speakers and loud music systems on floats parading around town and ending up in the village green where the dog show and local dance group demonstrate their wares.  We have a solution for carnival floats and includes mains generators, powerful PA systems for dance groups or bands to play on the back of trucks.  For the village green and school fete we can provide speaker systems for announcements, dance groups and safety announcement and advertising.  Our speaker systems for fetes range from the normal vocal horns you see at car shows however our horns can play back music and provide quality sound and not 'tin can sound'

We don't hire floats ourselves or the vehicles however you may want to consider scaffolding companies, building material suppliers, or transport companies. 


If you are unsure if a package is suitable or want us to build you a custom package, please call 01279 260 160 or email us with your event outlines for assistance!

Price: £9.60 (£8.00 + £1.60 tax)
Price: £30.00 (£25.00 + £5.00 tax)
Category: PA speakers
Price: £12.00 (£10.00 + £2.00 tax)

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