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Hire Microphones including radiomicrophones in Harlow Essex close to Hertfordshire for all different functions and instruments.  Our hire microphones come in a variety of dynamic and condenser, the later requires phantom power but provides a more detailed sound pick-up.  Vocal hire microphones such as the Shure beta 58 and beta 57 are a popular choice for both male and female and are pretty much industry standard.  Our popular Sennheiser Radio microphones provide a wire free solution for talking and singing.  These are available with different microphones, Hand held where the radio transmitter is built into the body, a tie clip with a small clip on microphone and a belt pack often secured to jacket pockets, or for more theatrical performances and drama groups headset microphones are a popular choice where a light beige wire with a microphone bud on the end sits over the ears.  


If you need help in selecting the best microphone to hire please get in touch and lets talk about what would work for your situation.

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