Carnival Float PA

A compact self powered speaker PA system designed for dance schools, theatre productions and anybody who wants to make a considerable noise on a local carnival float!

Price & Availability


This small powerful self contained system is easy to set-up and will transport in most small cars.

The Speakers can easily be mounted with ratchet straps onto a carnival float, back of a van or even in the boot of a car.

The generator runs from standard unleaded fuel and will provide up to 6 hours with this system at full volume! Because we use the latest technology silent generators you cannot hear them running once in place!

Our usual package includes a 3.5mm headphone socket to plug into a phone Ipod or laptop plus a handheld radio microphone for making announcements.

2x Active speakers plus ratchet straps

1x Hand held radio microphone

1x 3.5mm headphone jack to enable music to be played via Ipod, laptop, phone

1x SDMO iPro2000 silent generator

Free delivery and set-up within 10mile radius of Harlow

Hire Catalogue Update August 2020-  Disregard prices and quantities during update.  Please contact us for hires, quantity and price enquiries.

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