Ipod party with Sub large upto 250 people

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Our large Ipod / DJ party speaker package is one of our most popular hire items and is suitable for village halls, football club function parties, weddings and celebrations up to 250 people and can be supplied for a DJ to plug into their mixer or use with a minijack cable

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Plug in your phone, laptop or tablet using a standard 3.5mm headphone jack plug our system for an instant punchy speaker sound system, alternatively we can supply the ends for your DJ to plug into their mixing desk.

 We supply everything ready to go including all cables, you’ve just got to plug them in! 

The system is good for large rooms and halls up to around 20m x 20 m and or 250 people.  It has a subwoofer so is designed for all kinds of music and provides a good punch and clarity.

2x Active speakers (higher powered) on stands

1x Active subwoofer

1x 3.5mm headphone jack to enable music to be played via Ipod, laptop, phone / or we can talk to your DJ and supply the ends either phono, 1/4″ jack or XLR connections for their mixing desk

All connection cables 


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