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Because we occasionally come into contact with younger and vulnerable people we hold a yearly reviewed safeguarding policy.

You can view it here - Safeguarding policy

Below are numerous elements common with providing events while on site with crew.  Most of the information is generic as many of the events contain the same elements, such as loading handling, and Portable Appliance Testing safety.  Specifics include our latest certificates for insurance purposes. 

Please use these as a general guide where if we make reference to this will be in this webpage as a working document.



Below are a summary of methods used in our event equipment techniques.


Cable runs,

Power usage,

Lighting on stands,


unloading and set-up

processes and documentation

Below are our certificates, if you require further details please contact us.


DBS disclosure available on request


Generic Portable Appliance Testing Coverage certificate


Overall Schedule including hired in plant


Employee Liability


PCI compliance


Radio License