CBSVL carries out many different kind of Electronic audio system services upgrades, installations and repairs.  We install audio systems into Churches, charity venues and schools in and around Essex. With bespoke electronic systems each installation is purpose built for the environment and purpose of use from a background music system to adding extra radio microphones to an existing installation.

We also service and install CCTV and video projectors such as board rooms, school smart board systems and pub/ bar media installations.

we don't just install and repair electronic audio systems, we can also install stage lighting, LED coloured lighting such as drama studios, school stages and small theatre fit-outs.  

Current audio systems include a live lounge bar system installed in a theatre bar giving another performance space in addition to the main stage.  We're also adding extra radio microphones to an existing installation making it much more flexible for a fraction using an already great system.  A great recent installation was for a wedding venue who wanted a background music system for ceremony.  We installed a 100V line system as it was in a bar with long cable runs and needed a USB playback for playing background music over and over again.  


Our services also include looking after impairment devices such as hearing induction loops for hard of hearing and are used in association with a hearing aid with the T switch on.  We install counter loops for receptions and counters, as well as room loops such as what you find in churches and theatres.  We're also able to certificate them to the current standards and issue certificates of conformity.

  If you have an installation idea, or have an existing system not performing give us a call and let us help you resolve the issue by repair or installation bespoke to your needs.  Call us now. 01279 260 160


The below pictures show the qualities of some of our installs, including

Left- school recording studio with multi track computer connected mixing desk inset into the desk and custom shelf

Centre- a 'live lounge' type set-up in a local theatre bar to enable them to put on acoustic nights making another space as well as the main auditorium stage!

Right - a company complaining of it being hard to hear in their board room, originally wanting an induction loop fitted, the reverberation was so bad even with good ears it was hard to hear any discussion from one side to the next! we installed floating sound absorbers which cut almost all the echo resulting in a much clearer sounding space


Testing of in-service electrical equipment despite not being required by law, is often good practice and several regulations including the Health and Safety at work act 1974 and the Provision of Use of work equipment suggest equipment should be maintained in a satisfactory and orderly manner.

Testing is carried out in mainly two ways, visual, and combined electrical and visual test.

We install all kinds of theatrical stage lighting, sound systems and projectors.  These include sound absorbers, infrastructure hearing induction loops and can project manage as well as install and carry out future maintenance.

We repair many forms of musical electronics often for local schools and musicians.

Our service includes repairs, servicing and modification including fixing broken knobs, replacing speakers or repairing blown equipment

This includes:

Hearing induction loops often invisible to the eye provide specific isolated audio for users.

All of our installations and routine hearing induction maintenance are certificated to the standard 60118-4, for installations we only use the manufacture Ampetronic as they provide superior equipment and the best customer service and design service.

Installations include induction loops in reception suites, installation of hearing loops into meeting rooms, this is suitable for banks, shops, libraries, sports centres, offices and even vehicles.

Contact us for solutions for your induction loop.