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Meeting AGM Recording - Radio Tie Clip Mics

Price: £720.00 (£600.00 + £120.00 tax)
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A PA system designed to provide amplification for the presenter plus allowing them to be recorded onto computer for evidence / online publishing

This is the radio mic package that we offer for recording meetings for example AGMs or for giving a year end presentation.

Our base package allows for a board of 4 members to wear a tie clip radio microphone and there is 1 hand held radio mic for Q&A to be used by audience to be recorded also.

The system is back with speakers to allow mixing for the room and also recording to allow the live audience to hear too.

Recording is carried out using a computer from the desk feeds to give a crystal clear recording direct from the microphones and not room.  We also use back-up devices in the event of the main recorder failing.

Typically recordings can range from 20 minutes to 3 hours without a break in recording.  We aim to supply the unedited audio within 24 hours of the event finishing however in reality we have the recordings within 20 minutes of the event finishing and are supplied in WAV format.


4x Active small speakers with round base black stands

1x Handheld Sennheiser Radio microphones + batteries

4x tie clip Sennheiser Radio microphone + batteries

1x digital mixing desk

Recording of event onto mono unedited track in WAV or MP3 format within 24 hours.


Extra radio microphones

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