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Perfect popular hire for primary school lighting hire simple and easy.

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Easy to use stage lighting for primary school productions for Christmas, summer shows, Easter performances featuring white spot lights for face lighting and stage lighting with the ability to add in colour to change the mood of the school play.  Easy to operate mixing desk where each slider corresponds to the light. No complicated programming.  Create red, green blue, white lighting for setting your event and giving the children the stage experience! 


Containing mainly LED lighting only 2 lights get warm (one on each bar) so are much safer than conventional theatre lighting.  Each of the LED lights can change and has built in red, green and blue lights using very little energy ensures they’ll run off all school hall power sockets.


We also have many other special effects for your performance including smoke, strobes for lightening and microphones for singing.



6x High power LED RGB PAR cans long or short nose (depends on availability)

2x Spot light 650W 36degree 

2x wind up T tripod stands

1x Alphapack zero88 dimmer

1x Easyfade 36 mixing desk

All cabling

we can deliver and install the system and show you how to operate it, then come back after your event and pack it down and remove.



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