event power

Power at Events


One of our biggest limitations with the kinds of set-up we can provide is power.  Obviously if we’re looking at an outdoor event on a field, generators are a requirement however we still need to ensure the correct size is used to provide power for the event.  Much of our kit will run from a standard 13A plug socket, for larger set-ups we look to larger electrical supplies including single and three phase industrial sockets,  you might have seen these as they are about the size of a mug and either red or blue, these come in all shapes and sizes including 16,32,63,125A so it’s no good just telling us there is an industrial plug!!  OVer the years we have invested heavily in both battery and LED lighting, this cuts down on the amount of trailing wires and power consumption, you can run roughly 4 LED stage lights on the same power required to run just one conventional theatre lantern, they also generate far less heat too and can be a consideration for some environments.