Below are a summary of methods used in our event equipment techniques.


Cable runs,

Power usage,

Lighting on stands,


unloading and set-up


Cable Runs

Were possible all cables will be run in corners of rooms or routed over doorways where routes permit.  Where cables have to cross areas prone to walking human traffic the cable will be taped to the floor with gaffer tape.  Where a higher volume is expected we may use small grey cable ramps often seen in offices and hotels.  If larger amount of cables need to cross a passage way or where vehicular traffic is expected we will use rigid plastic ramps with lid cable traps which permit heavy loadings to be exerted on the cables without damage.

For exhibitions cable runs will generally be behind the stands and enter through a corner of the stand.  If facilities exist we will run overhead and drop from tensioned cable lines.


Power usage

Typically power usage will either be from 13A socket outlet, or where facilities exist we will plug into a 63A, or 32A three or single phase industrial socket.  Power will be calculated prior to event to ensure even distribution to reduce risk of tripping or overload.  Most of our distribution units now have voltage and current readouts to know the exact current draw with temporary systems installed and checked for earth impedance, polarity and RCD tripping times if appropriate.


Lighting stands on tripods.

Lights fixed to tripods will be assembled and erected so as to avoid damage to nearby surroundings as a result of hot surfaces on sensitive or likely combustable surfaces such as curtains and where heat can cause interference with fire detectors and sprinklers.  All stands wound up will be locked off using the manufactures means of locking and the footprint of the stand will be marked with a clear gaffer mark often striped, black, white, black to clearly indicate a hazard in poor lighting conditions.  Lights will be allowed to cool before they are moved to prevent damage to carpets and personnel.


Loading, Unloading & set-ups

All staff on site will be required to wear steel toecap foot protection, Hi Viz tabard and branded teeshirts to identify crew of CB SVL.  When unloading all crew should be aware of the surroundings and that other people may be at work in the same area.  All stacking and loading to occur in a safe manner avoiding the risk of equipment falling or being at a great risk to nearby persons through crushing, tripping or catching.  Carrying of equipment and cases requires assessment for the safest way to transport through using an approved wheel board, the own case or carrying by persons and whether a lift or stairs is suitable.  All lifting to be in accordance with manual handling requirements.




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