carnival showground PA horn speaker 100v car shows and announcements

car mounted Public Address music system

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Quality music projection horns waterproof, ideal for vehicle mounting for announcements, fetes and car shows 

Music quality horn speakers supplied and can be fitted at our workshop onto a standard roof bar of a car or van.  The outdoor waterproof music horns can throw quality telephone quality music over long distances and as such is ideal for a marshalling vehicle for races and safety announcements.  We've also supplied these systems for local elections and carnivals for information broadcasting.  The systems are supplied with a 12V car accessory socket powered amplifier, a handheld wired microphone and a 3.5mm connection to plug into a laptop, phone or tablet


Used with a 100V amplifier which we also have stock of can either be mains powered or run from a standard 12V ignition lighter socket.



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