Venue Seating Layouts

When you’re looking to hold an event, one of the biggest considerations is where the audience are going to sit! To do this it’s really useful to know if it’s mainly for a dinner around a table, for an information talk, or for education purposes, or even a combination of all often seen for breakfast and lunch meetings.

Different configurations can be made to allow viewing of a stage and screen, or for group discussions.  Sometimes the main element of the event is a celebration.

Theatre layout originates from actual theatre layouts where the audience are facing a stage and the main focus is on the stage

Classroom Layout is a slight variation on Theatre, it can be for smaller audience numbers needing to write on a desk

Banquet Style is typically for dinners and evening celebration, where entertainment is coming around round tables, but the main focus is dinner.

Cabaret Style is often seen for breakfast and Lunchtime meetings and events where there is an element of focus on the screen / projector and stage, perhaps there are some keynote speakers , but also included is some education where the table is useful to write, and then also a buffet lunch to conclude.

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