three phase 32A stage mains power distro rental Harlow Essex

32A RED distro 3x 32A 3x 16A BLUE

Category: Mains Distribution
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32A three phase RED in and loop


3x 32A Blue individually protected with 2 pole 32A RCBO


3x 16A blue individually protected with 1 pole 16A MCB


Made by Rubber box co.

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Price: £8.00

1m Cable ramp to allow bridging of walkway or road to pass cables.

Priced based on a week hire.


32A three phase RED in and loop through


6x 16A BLUE single phase socket outlets 2 per phase.

Protected overall by three pole 32A RCBO, each socket outlet protected by 16A MCB.


Made by Rubber box co.



63A three phase distro with 1m long fly lead featuring loop out on rear of rack.

Energy Meter with harmonics, balance and energy usage.




End A         32A blue

End B         32A blue

Length        25m

Cable type   Ho7 5x6mm2



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