Other Considerations

Other considerations for putting on events, such as insurance are discussed based on our experience of putting on Essex Events

Audience and Room Size

Audiences and Room sizes for events, bigger isn’t always better! We cannot stress enough that audience size matters! We have all been to a presentation where we cannot see the screen, or it feels really crammed.  Your view is masked by a huge speaker right in front of you or […]

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Be Clear About Your Event

Being Clear About Your Event Holding an event can be for many reasons, to raise money, a celebration, inform audience or to sell something.   It is important to ensure that the style, audio visual and venue match the mood of the kind of event, for example a high technology […]

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Events and insurance

Events and Insurance. It’s hard to go anywhere now without the risk of an insurance claim, health and safety and red tape.  Though we are not affiliated or biased to any one provider we have previously supplied details of an events insurance broker who are able to arrange insurance for […]

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