Corporate Production Ideas & Previous Examples

When looking to put on a local corporate event, you need a local company who can offer AV equipment hire.  Not only to setup and operate, but to be on call for any unexpected additions or emergencies for dry hires or where we have just setup the equipment for you to operate.

Audio Visual (AV) is often a term given to corporate events, meetings, training, breakout rooms or conferences and incorporates both the audio (microphones, speakers etc) and visual (screens, projectors, presentation aids etc)  It’s kind of a complete package to give a presentation and make sure it’s seen and heard.

What do I need to consider for AV systems?

  • Size of screen consider ratio
  • Would a projector screen or TV screen be best, room brightness etc
  • How many people are present
  • Aesthetic  consideration
  • Seating type
  • Complexity of operation, managed  / click and go
  • Presentation type, i.e. panel session, Q&A, multiple speakers
  • Venue Considerations
Comfort monitor and lectern
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Full Production

Audio visual elements can incorporate other items aside from projectors and sound.  This can also include set panels to surround the screen and can be branded to your corporate colour.  Custom foam threat cut branding logos can be applied to the surface and provide a fully seam free bespoke solution.

Visual can also include lighting to give mood and change the feel of the venue, light presenters and give clear direction for the audience as to where to look.

Lecterns can provide a convenient stand for presenters to stand behind and rest their notes on to provide a rigid structure on stage.

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Simple Presentation systems

For training events where it is to employees or franchises a simple stripped back training presentation system can be used.  It offers great value for money with just a screen, projector and small speaker system to get the message across.  This hire was in the sports hall at Harlow Leisurezone and used a 8′ wide projector screen which was visible and clear for the content at the back of the seats.  A careful choice of PA system enabled clear speech without issues of echo. 

See more examples of simple presentation hires

Harlow leisurezone av hire
Exhibition breakout av

Exhibition Breakout AV

Just because an exhibition is a temporary set-up often in a space not used for meetings doesn’t mean it cannot feel like a meeting and meet expectations of what a conference should feel like.  The fun with exhibitions is that the space can be used however you want and there is no right! We can work with you to help develop a solution to work with your customers, with their presentations and the right kind of equipment.  Sometimes sound has to be approached differently to avoid disturbing local exhibition stands nearby, but still needs to be loud in the area required to get the message across.  

Exhibition AV supply

Adding an element of interactiveness to a stand will engage with your perspective clients. Moving images and corporate videos give a clear branding message.  We can dry hire these to your stand meaning that we can set it up or just supply it for your stand builders to set-up.  

Colour lighting in this instance lit up the backdrop of the stand and made it stand out more. Careful colour blending with design using specialist lights will give you the edge to stand clear of other stands.

Tv and lighting hire exhibition

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Solutions to add to your AV system

We’ve hand picked some common items we hire when customers enquire about AV systems.

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