Do I need a production company if the hotel already has inhouse AV systems?

Just because a venue says they have everything in house should not be the deal breaker for your event.  Often the equipment supplied is far from service able and why restrict your event to fit what the venue has supplied? One similar example recently has been where the event being a black tie awards evening wanted to be memorable and thought that the existing projector and screen didn’t match the look of how they wanted the event to be which was more set for a standard training event look. 

After a site visit taking some measurements we proposed the below picture on the right.  The set was assembled on site and erected within the hour along with stage carpet and the rest of the audio visual infrastructure. Using the in house projector however dramatically changing the look and feel of the venue!  We like to create the effect that the set and stage look like they were always there and that this is the ‘normal’ situation despite being bespoke and custom fitted to the room and removed fully that evening! 

This venue is The Ridings Barn at Theobalds Park, and we recommend this as a great venue with onsite rooms and parking



Setup comparison set and stage vs in house