Training Events & Small Scale Information Events

Event’s don’t need to be complicated.  Much of our work is providing equipment for training and information events.  These events typically consist of a small PA speaker system with radio microphones.  Generally a projector screen and projector to connect a laptop to for slides or video. 


What spaces can you add AV to for a meeting?

Many of these can be set up in an office or board room, or as you can see larger spaces such as leisure centres or sports halls.  Our emphasis is on providing a better quality of sound often known as “intelligibility”.  This is often in the form of providing more speakers at lower level than fewer at higher level.  This provides the seated or standing audience with more uniform levels of speech.  

The largest space we’ve provided is an aircraft hanger, and the most unusual is a greenhouse opening ceremony. Typically though we supply sound and video solutions for office meeting rooms, Pubs with meeting spaces, village halls, sports centres.


As much or little as required

We can set up and deliver fully these systems and provide a technician if necessary, or simply just deliver and collect.

Examples of equipment we can supply include slide clickers to advance slides, throwable microphones for audience participation, PC sound connection to enable laptop sound to playback through the PA.

Don’t forget, if you just need a projector or Screen or any other individual parts for your training or meeting requirements we can supply, hire and deliver these for you.


Event Examples

Local venues we've worked with.

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