Technical considerations for events

Technical considerations for local events in Essex & Hertfordshire, venue access, using inhouse AV equipment and table layouts

venue access for events

Venue Access

Venue Access and getting equipment onsite. In an ideal situation to be able to load equipment in from a car park right to the location

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Radio Microphone channel

radio channels, 69,70, 38

Guide to standard radio microphone frequencies including 38,69,70

It is a bit of a mine field reading forums of channel 69, 38, 70 and anything in between relating to the wind or the next passing bus people write on forums from old tales and ‘what my mate told me’. This guide is to expel a few myths too about what you can and can’t use.

We will highlight the first key bands most popular.  For detailed information Arquva PMSE are the new name for JFMG and deal with UK licensing howeverOFCOM regulate all UK airways

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