Obstacle and Race PA systems in Hertfordshire & Essex

Entertaining your crowd for the warm-up, keeping the spectators interested and ultimately lifting the mood for the start of the race.  A good PA race system needs to centre the focus on the area of entertainment, mainly near the start line of a race.  Often systems need to cover many meters thick of runners and many hundreds of sets of ears.  When choosing a PA system for races we would often verge on a cluster of Line arrays for larger events, and for smaller events use multiples of speakers giving a whole area coverage.

It is important to remember that the system isn’t just there for entertaining your runners and audience, it can also form a crucial part of public safety and crowd instruction in event of an emergency or to update race members of circuit conditions.  

Designing a functional system is key for the race village, there may be more than one system needed for a stage entertainment as well as for a warm up holding pen. 

We can provide systems self powered from generator, or plugged into existing site power.  We can supply connections for ipods / DJ’s and bands to connect their music systems to as well as provide radio microphones for presenters, and headset microphones for warm up athletes.


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