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Guides to Making your Event a Success

This section has been created to try and answer questions commonly experienced in the industry.  Views are our own based on experience and qualifications and should be taken as guidance however not to be used a critical situation and provided as a reference only.Time permitting we’ll upload more guides and examples to educate users and newly experienced members of the theatrical and technical backing. If you have a question or suggestion on topics please do get in touch! 

Case Studies

Below are some simple previous events where we’ve given some examples of the events we have carried out.  We give you some considerations and examples of what goes into making an event.

Technical Considerations

This is mainly where we assist in the production element, we will ensure the facilities and access for example are available and suitable.  There is nothing worse than having great ideas, if the budget fails to meet elements such as needing to hire in extra generators to power your system.  Even more simple, take a car launch however the venue doesn’t have a door wide enough for the car, or no means of lift!

Setup Ideas and Equipment Choice

Other Considerations

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