Projectors and screens for wedding, funerals and wakes

Celebrating your loved one isn’t just limited to hearing about them, why not show them?  A picture montage, a short or looping video.  Our projectors can be easily set up to project onto a white wall, or with a supplied screen.  The feature in built media players where all you need to do is supply a USB stick with the pictures or video on.   We can discuss the best formats and file types and a test can be made at the workshop before you take the equipment to use.

Free collection and drop off to Harlow Venues 

We offer a free service to drop off and collect from Harlow churches and all equipment is professional grade and will always give it’s best, we can provide cost for setting up and operating if you want us to manage the stress.


Projecting onto a white wall? 

Projecting pictures onto a white wall in a village or church hall is very simple and only requires a projector to do so.  A white wall is preferable but can work on cream and slightly darker walls, however you’ll notice the image colours changing and the brightness might be affected. 


Ambient light for projection

projectors use light to make the image visible, in most churches and halls the ambient light levels are fairly low and projection is fine.  However trying to compete with the sun can be challenging.  We always recommend siting the equipment in a place as dark as possible, away from strong natural and artificial light.


Do you offer TV’s?

Yes we can offer TV’s on stands up to 55″ which is plenty big enough for people to see the lovely pictures in order to remember or celebrate.  We can supply the TV’s on floor stands or a table top stand. They can accept either HDMI to plug in a laptop (we can supply laptops too) or a USB stick and playback using the in built media players.

Relay of sound and vision for larger audiences

We have experience of being able to relay the sound and vision for larger services in churches.  Either to a village hall next door, or across a field to a marquee, or even to relay the sound into the churchyard, we have created custom solutions.   Each matter is handled on an individual basis guaranteeing quality reproduction locally with quality discrete equipment. 

Presently we do not offer streaming services but can provide the audio and vision and arrange this for you.  We have found that the internet and phone signal varies around churches and can be problematic. 

Examples of AV weddings and funeral events

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