Outdoor Horn Speakers and Public Address (PA) For Announcements & Information

Outdoor PA systems are designed to be quickly deployed and provide speech amplification across a large area.  Unfortunately most speaker systems for outdoor addressing sound tinny and have a piercing shrill.  Outdoor PA systems are often seen at Equine dressage, show jumping, village fetes and fayres as well as local car shows and carnivals.  On a more serious note PA systems are also used at race events for safety and security notices. 

All of our outdoor PA systems can be self powered either via battery or silent generators and scaled up and down as necessary.  We can provide multiple systems to cover larger areas.  Unlike the older systems all of our PA horn speakers are designed to reproduce music and speech to a very high quality.  We can add music playback systems, Radio handheld microphones as well as headset systems.

We can even provide vehicle mounted systems which prove popular for political announcements and carnival parade.

When reading up about these systems or with previous experience they are often referred to as 100V line speakers.  This is a technical term use to identify how the amplifiers and speakers work, and nothing to do with the power requirements! Horn speakers are another term given these systems.  

Contact us with plans of your event and proposed layout to let us design you a functional safe PA system.

Reasons for Choosing our Modern Music Horn System for Outdoor PA

The sound quality of these kinds of system are far lower than that of a festival or theatre quality sound.  They do however excel in getting the message of speech and announcements out really well over long distances and clearly.  

The systems are generally easily and quickly deployed. Either up a wind up tower, on top of a vehicle or daisy chained along a line on a big field.  

Cost effective and meets the needs of having an emergency system to make announcements for lost children, evacuation, race start times, and even for general what’s on for a festival ground.

Here are links to the speaker horns we use and can be hired and work with these amplifiers.  We also have a battery backed up system rack mounted which is ideal for emergency broadcasts in event of power loss.  Alternatively we have a pre packaged car fitted option which fits to your existing roof bars.

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