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Sound Equipment to amplify  speech, music, or sounds for audiences to hear.

This includes Mixing desks, Microphones, Speakers cabling and anything else involved in amplifying audio.

ImageNameCategoriesDaily CostTypical Stockhf:categories
100V line music quality horn£12.008100v-pa-system sound
12 way Headset Radio Mic£0.0014sound
12V mobile car / mains 100V 45W line amp£20.001100v-pa-system sound
350W Coaxial Active Monitor£28.004speakers sound
4 way Headset Radio Mic£0.002sound
400W Coaxial Active Monitor£28.002speakers sound
8 way Headset Radio Mic£0.0014sound
8 way Headset Radio Mic£0.0014sound
AKG C1000 condenser microphone£8.002microphones-wired sound
AKG C418 clip on drum mic£12.003microphones-wired sound
AKG C562BL microphone£12.001microphones-wired sound
AKG C747 Lectern microphone£15.002microphones-wired sound
Allen & Heath Avantis Desk£250.001mixing-desk sound
Allen & Heath GX4816 Stage Box£50.001mixing-desk sound
BLACK LD Maui 5 Go Battery Speaker£40.002speakers sound
CAD C1200 condenser microphone£8.002microphones-wired sound
car mounted Public Address music system£80.002100v-pa-system sound
Catchbox Pro - Throwable microphone£20.002specialist-vintage-microphones sound
condenser choir microphone stand£20.003microphones-wired sound
Exhibition Power upto 150 stands£0.001sound
Harmonica and Beatbox mic£12.001microphones-wired sound
In Ear Monitor (IEM) Quad Sennheiser 300 G3£140.002radio-mics sound
Interspace industries PC Balance box£10.001audio-adapters-cables sound
KV2 ES System Large, , £440.001speakers bands-live-music outdoor-event-packages sound packages-and-event-ideas
KV2 ES System Small, , £250.001speakers bands-live-music outdoor-event-packages sound packages-and-event-ideas
KV2 ES1.0 Mid Top Speaker£35.004speakers sound
KV2 ES2.5 Double 15" Subwoofer£30.004speakers sound
KV2 EX10 Active Speaker£35.002speakers sound
KV2 EX12 Active Speaker£45.004speakers sound
KV2 EX26 Active Speaker£25.004speakers sound
Microphone stand Tripod 3 leg, High£3.0016speaker-mic-stands sound
Microphone stand Tripod 3 leg, Low (instrument)£4.0012speaker-mic-stands sound
Microphone stand with Round base£6.004speaker-mic-stands sound
Passive DI box£6.006audio-adapters-cables sound
Phonic Helix board 24 mixing desk£20.001mixing-desk sound
Pioneer CDJ2000 NEXUS CDJ£50.002dj sound
Pioneer DJM600 Mixer£35.001dj sound
Proel LT8A active speaker£15.008speakers sound
QSC RMX 850/1450/2450 power amplifier£0.004100v-pa-system sound
Radio Microphone -Dual Sennheiser 300 G3£70.002radio-mics sound
Radio Microphone -Quad Sennheiser 300 G3£140.002radio-mics sound
Radio Microphone -SINGLE Sennheiser 300 G3£35.004radio-mics sound
Riffle Directional Microphone£8.006microphones-wired sound
Rode NT1-A condenser microphone£12.003microphones-wired sound
Round base speaker stand£6.008speaker-mic-stands sound
Sennheiser E908Bew wireless sax mic clip£13.003radio-mics sound
Sennheiser ENG100 camera radio mic mount£20.002radio-mics sound
Sennheiser Radio Guitar Cable CI 1-N£6.006radio-mics sound
Shure Beta 52£12.002microphones-wired sound
Shure Beta 57£10.005microphones-wired sound
Shure Beta 58£10.005microphones-wired sound
Shure Drum Microphone Set£25.001microphones-wired sound
Shure KSM32 Large Condenser Microphone£20.001microphones-wired sound
Small Awards Setup£0.0014sound
Soundcraft Spirit E8 mixing desk£15.001mixing-desk sound
Stereo DI box Passive£6.004audio-adapters-cables sound
Tripod 3 leg speaker stand£5.008speaker-mic-stands sound
Ultra DI box£12.003audio-adapters-cables sound
VMB TL-A300 Lifting tower£0.002speakers sound
White LD Maui 5 Go Battery Speaker£45.002speakers sound
yamaha MG166C£16.001mixing-desk sound

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