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Audio adaptors to convert one kind of signal into another.  Often referred to as balance boxes or DI boxes.  Used on pianos to plug into PA systems

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    Interspace PC balance box allows a computer with 3.5mm headphone output to plug into an XLR mixing desk
    Interspace industries PC Balance box

    Enables your laptop sounds to be plugged into a professional mixing desk.

    Passive Direct Injection box to plug a jack from a piano or guitar into an XLR mixing desk
    Passive DI box

    Mono Direct Injection (DI) box available to hire from our Harlow Warehouse

    Black passive stereo DI box
    Stereo DI box Passive

    Stereo DI box 1/4″ Jack in with XLR out

    Silver active DI Box
    Ultra DI box3audio-adapters-cables|sound

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