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Full AV Production Services local to Harlow Essex & Hertfordshire- Get us involved as soon as possible to plan, create and deliver your event for the best of our technical ability. (we’re building content, please get in touch to discuss)


 Each event is entirely different often containing common elements such as sound and lighting, however others differ with requirements for stage, set, projection, and are scaled up and down depending on audiences.  We’ll be more than happy to chat to you about an event idea you have and can bespoke design and produce for you.  Please help us by indicating the room size, audience size, kind of event you’re holding and anything you think important such as style, whether it’s inside or out.  From this we are able to come up with ideas and help you to making a great event! Get in touch today for ideas and technical assistance.

It is hard to outline all the kinds of production we provide technical services for as they can vary in scale and be as conventional as a training meeting with speakers, projector and screen to utterly bespoke packages and unusual set-ups.

Either way our job typically is as simple as making you heard through speakers and microphones, and ultimately to be seen, either up on a stage higher than your audience, with lighting for effect and stage washing, or with projection and screens to show your presentations on.   If you break it down to these simple elements and cater for the venue size, audience, and purpose you’ll have a pretty good event ( from a technical point of view)

Event Types Experience

Below are examples of events we’ve facilitated, produced or hire the majority of equipment for.  All examples are our own and pictures have been taken by ourselves.

Business exhibition av supplier stansted

AV Exhibition Suppliers

Small Business Exhibition AV, Seminars & Breakout AV Specialist Essex We provide many services for local business exhibitions.  From temporary power and distribution around stands,

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