Audio Visual Maintenance In Harlow Essex & Hertfordshire

CBSVL has a long experience and expertise in AV maintenances services, maintaining sound and lighting equipment can come with great investment.  If it’s not working correctly, then it’s not going to be used to its full potential.

If your system has parts failing, fuzzy or distorted sound.  Not doing what it was designed for when you first had it commissioned then let us take a look and repair or replace for you. 

We fix all kinds of faults in systems and repair to high standards.  

Venues we often get called out to include golf clubs with zone mixed systems enabling audio to be distributed around the venue.

Local football clubs, speedways and athletics tracks using arena horn type 100V line speaker systems. 

Restaurants, bars and shops feature background music systems that get “upgraded” and bodged over the years and often need cleaning back to their core systems and repairs from a known base point using existing equipment. 

More unusual venues include car showrooms for theatrical style lighting, and a hunting venue with multiple projection and sound systems where we were called to rectify a hum issue with a new ipod connection behind the bar.


AV Maintenance services Repair Examples

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