Background Music & Zone Sound System Maintenance, Bars, clubs, Shops

Background music systems are used daily in bars, golf clubs, shops and restaurants.  When they’re working everything is good and they will run for many years without any issue.  Unfortunately many are installed into store rooms, with lots of dust and heat.  They’re never cleaned or given any attention.  When they are given attention it’s usually a badly DIY modification or addition which causes problems elsewhere.

Typical Problems we encounter when called to investigate issues.

-humming and crackles

-Channels or zones not working as they should

-Limitations due to DIY “repairs or mods”

-Venue upgrade / Decoration and require removal of items

-Additional installations


Installed Sound System Rack Before Maintenance

Background music system in need of maintenance

After Maintenance & Relabelling

Cleaned and serviced background music system

Servicing & Maintenance of Background, shop and bar music systems .

We can address most issues within a couple of visits to firstly investigate the fault and identify the issue. There could be many factors for background music faulty sound systems, labelling and staff usage are major factors.  One site we were called to the same fault kept returning, which turned out to be a staff member not knowing what volume to turn down resulting in problems elsewhere.  Wrongly labelled channels causes problems with rooms and zones. 


Our knowledge of most zone and background systems from such brands as Cloud, Apart, Ecler, QSC, Monacor, and Yamaha gives us an instant advantage and understanding of your system and where issues lie.


Much of the time the cost of upgrading is low compared to the initial installation cost of a background zone music system. We can generally add extra zones/ speakers and music sources including radio microphones and remote volume controls for much lower costs than a brand new installation.