KV2 Speaker rental in Harlow Essex

Kv2 speakers redefine how sound is processed and delivered.  Using minimal processing and designing based on physics and exploiting natural occurrences in electromagnetic the delivery is a natural power sounding speaker system.  Small in physical size for the level of sound produced and far outweighs other leading brands of equal size boxes. 

We stock the ES and EX series of KV2 speakers.  When summing up what each box offers we found that all of the speakers compliment each other in sound and allows for a very modular expandable system from a small meeting PA system, right up to a large theatre sound reinforcement and festival system.


Our KV2 Hire Stock

Our KV2  hire stock consists of the following products:

Our smaller Active collection 

EX26 Active speaker – A compact double 6″ Driver with 100 x 100 degree horn.  

EX10 Active speaker – A good all round active powerful speaker with a 10″ driver.  A firm hire favourite as it sounds like a 12″ 

EX12 Active Speaker – An awesome active powerful speaker ideal for bands, DJs and stage monitors. 12″ driver with large compression horn.

Our Larger Passive collection

ES1.0 Passive Speaker Our larger 3 way speaker system with a great throw for outside distances thanks to it’s phase plug design

ES2.5 Passive Speaker double 15″ driver subwoofer offers a thundering bottom end in a compact design.

EPAK 2500 Upright Power amplifiers – we opted for the upright systems as they are more portable and suit our events and are easier to transport.

Link to Our KV2 Hire Catalogue

Below are links to our hire stock of KV2 speakers, we are proud to say that all items in our hirestock are actually held in our warehouse in Harlow.  Unlike other companies who sub hire from other companies pretending they’re bigger than they actually are, we are transparent and honest about what we do and do not have.  All boxes are clean and tidy undergoing regular maintenance both aesthetically and electronically to ensure they look and sound as good as they possibly can.

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