KV2 EX26 Active Speaker

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Compact KV2 EX26 speaker high intelligibility stage centre fills, and conferences where a super small speaker is required to deliver a mighty sound.

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The KV2 EX26 is a unique Loudspeaker unit that provides superb vocal intelligibility and high quality musical reproduction. Its 100 x 100 degree horn provides for wide, even coverage making it ideal for audio visual presentations, churches, meeting rooms and various other applications where high quality speech reproduction is required. The EX26 makes an ideal under balcony fill speaker when used in a horizontal orientation.

Max SPL Long-term124dB
Max SPL Peak127dB
-3dB Response80Hz to 20kHz
-10dB Response65Hz to 28kHz
Crossover Point2.5kHz
Height570 mm (22.44″)
Width220 mm (8.66″)
Depth274 mm (10.78″)
Weight16 kg (35.2lbs)

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