Hire Catalogue For Our Harlow Warehouse

This is the main catalogue for our hire and rental equipment available to complete or make your event.  All of the equipment listed is held by us in varying quantity,  rough quantities are displayed along with an interactive price guide which alters depending on the time the equipment is required.  If you are looking to hire items you can request a quote where we can finalise prices, deliver, collection and any other details to use our equipment to make your event.  All of the equipment is owned by us, we are not just a office who outsources all the equipment to lots of other companies, it’s all our own stock held in Harlow Essex.

Popular Hire Enquiries.

This section is constantly updating for popular hires, and equipment useful for seasonal purposes to help you hire the right equipment for your event!

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We care that the equipment should be right for you, for your event and offer value. There are often more than one solution that can help!