CB Sound Video Light was created to meet the needs for the smaller to medium events, ranging from 10 to 1000 people, we set-up in 2010 as a limited company and service our main catchment area of the M11, M1 corridor from Camden up to Cambridge and Luton across to Ongar, with a simple aim to be your local provider.  By establishing our boundaries we can say to you the customer, we can be with you within an hour, and see you.

Operating on a skeleton crew we freelance our work to technicians who we have good history with. Pulling each technician for their specific task, projection, lighting, sound, project management we can ensure that you are receiving our best service, using the best people, who have the most precise and best knowledge in the industry.

To be the best local supplier of audio Visual equipment for small to medium sized events, to grow using non mainstream brands and prove that smaller alternatives are as good if not better than the then cold faced hard seller supermarket suppliers we never want to be. To increase turnover and profits while maintaining the latest training and opportunities for freelance technicians while using the lasts technology equipment. We want to grow based on recommendation through natural organic quality of our workmanship and not by offering the most or shouting the loudest.

Giving the customer the best event experience through the right choice of audio visual equipment making them realise they have made the best decision, we will do this through quality of freelancers specific for the job role, quality equipment specifically for the job, a safe working environment and to offer event solutions outside of the box and bespoke to the needs of our customers. We will support our customers through email, telephone or while on site to make their experience of CB Sound Video Light the most transparent possible and remembered for the positive right reasons.