Corporate Event Theming with Uplighting and Colour Lights.

Uplighting and colour theming can really change an area dramatically from a cold venue space, to a welcoming branded space adding products to compliment the warm glow.  Adding light can brighten up dark areas or provide a focus.  Much of our LED uplight collection are battery powered meaning they can be deployed without wires or electric and provide a simple quick easily deployable solution.  They can be remotely controlled with wireless controllers as part of a larger setup enabling synchronous colour change and theming to match individual products. 

A really clear example of how we matched the uplighting and room lighting to match the colour dart product being launched at the Manor Of Groves Hotel.  As you can see it drastically changes the mood and adds almost an immersive atmosphere to add to the large LED wall.

Manor of groves dart event blue lighting theming for an event
Manor of groves darts event purple lighting to match brand for product launch event

Examples of Uplighting

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