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Sound for bands is often taken for granted, you only know about it when it’s bad and complaints are made.  We often get compliments over how clear and detailed the mixes are, both for the audience and on stage where we can separate  monitor mix. Live bands and DJ sets all catered for.

Our live sound and production experience ranges from school battle of the bands, where our largest audience was in excess of 1400 in Hackney Empire for a School battle of the bands! Typically we provide for festivals up to 2000 people where we can get a nice controlled mix and sound throughout the area.  One of the biggest challenges is Harlow Bandstand, some 50 meters opposite the stage is a solid flat wall, any sound leaving the stage is bounced off the back wall and adds a real nasty messy sound of reverberation.  We proposed a system for Harlow Rockschool which used a free standing hung array which we could direct where we wanted the sound to dissipate over.  Having calculated the angles we delivered and covered the audience perfectly, leaving the wall just short of the projection resulting in no reverberation or messy “slapback”.  It is simple details like this that put us above the rest.  We give everybody the full service regardless of ability or size, putting in the same effort for a school or charity as we would for a big festival.

We’ve worked with many local covers bands and corporate bands ranging from a string quartet, to Madness tributes and Oasis cover bands.

Areas we have experience within Live audio

  • Logistics and planning, Stage management
  • Audience sound coverage techniques
  • Backline amplification, monitoring and live engineering
  • Delivering productions into Theatres, Sports Halls, Bandstands, Freestanding Stages, School Halls

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