Live Music Reinforcement

Sound design and music reinforcement is one of our core skills.  Back many years ago when the company first established we provided sound only.  As such we see our main discipline as sound. Constantly investing in the newest, fastest and highest quality equipment has been at the forefront of our growth and success.  We have speakers of all different sizes and styles to always give us the option to have a solution, or make the impossible happen.  


We have much experience ranging from school live music productions such as battle of the bands, through to local music festivals with pub band covers, through to professional artists.  We treat everybody with the same respect and give opportunity to all.  The current young stars might just be the future artists, we therefore give as much equipment and consideration to a school as a pro festival. 

Mixing desk programming


Reslosound microphone

Looking at our hire range of microphones, it might surprise you that we use some more unusual brands and models.  We’ve spent years pioneering our sound and believe that our mix of modern and vintage microphones provide us with a full experience of sound.  Our vintage ribbon microphones are maintained in house and kept in good working order. Using them for vocals both on and off stage provides an authentic sound.  The main thing with our collection is that they’re robust, reliable and sound great for their applications.  We also stock a range of radio microphones from Sennheiser, hand held, headset, sax horn clip on mics as well as guitar pack cables.



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The majority of our speakers are KV2.  We trust our sound with KV2 systems.  From a technical point of view KV2 provides the least amount of processing of all their amplifiers.  The sound is transparent and genuine to the original source, the level of detail the speakers are able to recreate is incredible.  We’ve often found listening to pre recorded tracks on our systems reveal a new layer of sound unheard through any other PA system.  There is a reason why KV2 is installed into many West End theatres and music clubs for live music. 

We also stock other brands including Proel which is an Italian brand. Again the level of detail on these speakers is very good and reproduction is clear and transparent.

For general speech and reproduction we have all different shape and size speakers, from small cube speakers, to battery powered column speakers and 100V line systems for outdoor addressing.  Rather than buying based on brand, we demo and test the speakers for the kinds of applications we would use them for to make sure they fit our requirements.  

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