Speaker / Mic stands

Speaker stands and microphone stands, different sizes and shapes.  Round base stands with and without booms for vocal mic hire. Speaker stands with heavy round base stands.

Conventional lighting tripod stands

    ImageNameCategoriesSummaryTypical Stockhf:categories
    Microphone stand Tripod 3 leg, High
    Microphone stand Tripod 3 leg, High

    Microphone stand vocal height with detachable boom and 3 leg base.

    Low level microphone stand for instruments
    Microphone stand Tripod 3 leg, Low (instrument)

    Short Microphone stand with boom and 3 leg base

    Instrument & Backline mic stand

    round heavy base microphone stand with or without boom attachment
    Microphone stand with Round base

    Heavy round base mic stand, great for vocal

    a heavy 14Kg round base speaker stand, much neater than tripod stand
    Round base speaker stand

    Round Base speaker stand

    A very neat looking height adjustable stand with heavy round base.

    Standard tripod speaker stand
    Tripod 3 leg speaker stand

    Industry standard 3 leg tripod speaker stand designed for most of our speakers on our website. A lightweight solution for raising up speakers


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