AGM Committee Meeting Microphones – Latton Bush Centre

Providing clear audio for all your committee members to hear and be heard to get their point across is paramount to a good meeting.  This annual general meeting held at the Latton Bush Centre in Harlow required a panel session of 30 delegates to be sat around the inhouse screen where an online Q&A session was arranged.  

We provided a wide shot webcam video linked to a laptop running teams and connected to the main projector in the venue hall and streamed the computer image to the large veune projector to provide a full 2 way immersive experience hybrid and in real life.  The sound system was a 2-way speaker and microphone terminal for every two delegates.  This provides a huge benefit that when a delegate speaks it reduces the volume of others currently speaking and amplifies the presenter and thanks to inbuilt speakers in all of the stations every delegate can hear.  This can also be easily integrated into teams or zoom to provide a clear feedback and low echo sound system.   Security is also maintained as the speakers are directly in front of each pair of delegates ensuring that the volume can be kept as low as possible.  The chair can have their own station which can cancel other speakers, and simple voting can occur with 1 of 4 options possible. 

Due to the increase use of delegates using laptops we can also provide dedicated power outlets in a safe manner with cable ramps and covers covering loose cables. 

We can provide many delegate stations for meetings of different shapes and styles and are very popular for AGM meetings where the meetings are recorded or streamed. 

To ask about how we can make your meeting technically work please do get in touch.

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Delegate microphone at a meeting. Gooseneck and speaker terminal for committee members to use
Committee meeting setup with delegate microphones

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