Catchbox Pro – Throwable microphone

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Throwable microphone to liven up Q&A sessions.

Catch box enables you to throw the mic out to the audience with auto mute function when in flight keeps noises to a minimum.





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Catch box is a throwable microphone to enable you to throw a mic to the audience.   Simply hook up to any standard backpack from AKG, Shure or Sennheiser or we can supply one already fitted for hire as a package.

Soft padded design securely protects the microphone inside from damage to people and the electronics.

A self muting function mutes the microphone automatically when thrown to reduce noise and requirements to keep an eye on when the microphone is moving to ‘ride’ the mixing desk level.

An Ideal icebreaker, given to the presenter on stage and thrown out to the audience often promotes quicker question and answer sessions rather than having to wait for a microphone runner.

The catch box pro is a great padded microphone with some sophisticated technology to auto mute when thrown. It does require however a radio microphone to give the wireless link

You can hire a single belt pack that is compatible with this microphone here > Single way radio microphone

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