Public Gathering and Memorial PA Speaker systems

Often for public meetings and gatherings it is required to have several speakers giving presentations, be it a memorial, a gathering or entertaining. 

We have several different speaker and microphone systems available for different size events.  Each event requires planning for the placement and purpose of the speakers and system to reach it’s full potential and be heard by all the audience clearly.

 Outdoor Pitfalls, sound projection, obstructions and wind issues

Wind can destroy the clarity of outdoor speech for open plan events.  Even a slight breeze can create a horrible buzz fuzz on the speakers caused by the microphone.  All of our outdoor systems are supplied with wind pop shields over the microphones to remain clear.  For outside events where the audience are spaced over a distance consideration needs to be made to ensure a clear sound for all and to avoid a huge difference in volume from people close to the speakers, to those far.  Consideration needs to be met for obstructions like trees and objects likely to absorb or reflect the sound causing echo. 



What about mains power? 

For outdoor events close to town high streets we often take street power and have an array of blue plug adaptors to be able to plug into street furniture, however  we can supply quiet generators for remote events, or where cable runs are deemed a risk.  We also have car battery powered mains inverters to give you a mains socket, and also a range of powerful battery PA speaker systems with long battery life and high power output.


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