Small Stages For Events

Our portable stage decks are metric in size and come in a modular fashion making them ideal for different shape stage setups.  We use Global Truss as they’re lightweight (relatively speaking for staging) slim and provide good weight capacities. Our small stage selection is popular for hires in and around Harlow for entertainment as well as corporate events.  We can deliver and assemble stages locally.

Our standard sizes come in 2m x 1m, 1m x 1m, 0.5m x 2m with an array of legs and steps. 

Typical Stage setups

Stages are usually used to raise up and make a focus of whatever is on the stage.  As our stages are modular they can be created into different shapes and heights.  We’ve created some usual scenarios for example for a duo group or band, or for a simple information presentation.

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Photos of previous small stages installed around Harlow & Hertfordshire

Things to consider when hiring a stage.

Considerations needed for choosing the right stage include more than just the performance.  For installation of the stage it’s important to remember that the stage decks are up to 2m x 1m in size and require a reasonable amount of space to get the stage pieces in place.  The floor is also important as the legs do adjust but only a certain amount.  

Below are the main key points we thing important to consider for small stage hires:


>Access – Van access & Parking, if there are any steps, ramp or lift to consider the size.  Corridore sizes and distance from unlading from the van will decide how many people need to assemble and disassemble the stage.


>Ceiling & Stage height – you don’t want to install a stage so high users will hit their head on the roof when on stage, likewise you don’t want a stage so high it becomes a risk for people to fall off.


>Strong level floor – Consider that if fully loaded a 2m x 1m stage deck will be exerting this force over 4 small legs.  If the floor is soft such as outside, or in a sports hall, spreader plates may be needed to avoid the stage sinking.  A fairly level ground is also important.


>Stage Finish – The natural finish of the stage is a non slip satin black deck with silver edges.  We can provide bespoke carpet tops as well as black facia panels, either flat material, or rigid felt panels


>Access to Stage – Low stages under 30cm generally don’t have any form of step or tread.  Over this height we can provide steps.  If for example the stage was used to display motorbikes or needed to be accessible for users a ramp may be more suitable.

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