Simple Speaker and Radio Microphone Setup

If you’re looking for a simple speaker and radio wire free microphone then look no further. We’ve made a simple, portable and really easy to operate solution we’re often asked for.

Presenting to a group of people for a meeting, a wedding or general speeches? Need to boost your voice just over the ambient noise? 


This small speech presentation speaker and microphone combination is plenty powerful enough for up to 50 people, for more people or a larger room you can add an extra speaker.  Available in both black and white to blend in with the existing surroundings and the hand held radio microphone can be substituted for a tie clip lapel kind.


The LD Maui 5 Go is a mains and battery powered speaker featuring inbuilt bass speaker, top speakers the mixing desk and power amplifier all built into a sleek design. You can read more specifically about this speaker here 


We use Sennheiser radio microphones due to their robustness and sound clarity.  We can provide the receiver in either battery or mains options.  They come setup and tuned already, all you have to do is plug them in and turn on!


Portable pa system, speaker and microphone

Features Of The Portable Speaker System

Ld maui 5 go mixing desk

Simple Volume Controls

Here you connect the microphone wire to the mixer and have simple volume controls to adjust how loud or quiet your voice is

Compact speaker system

Compact & Easily Transportable

The whole system packs down into 2 padded bags and a briefcase size hard case. Weighing under 17kg total

Sennheiser 300 g3 radio microphones


Choose either a wired hand held, a wireless radio hand held or tie clip microphone.

Battery bluetooth

Flexible Technology

The mixing desk features Bluetooth to connect your phone to the speaker. The system can also be fully battery powered, powering up to 7 hours to be total wire free.


After something extra or not sure?

If you think you may need something slightly bigger or not sure of the suitability, then you can view some of our previous meeting and training event examples which has picture examples of what we can provide.  We can also supply extra items such as projectors and projector screens, large TV’s and presentation clickers.

Not sure what you need, or want to talk?

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