Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Being in the entertainment industry we treat equipment in a delicate manner knowing what are the right and wrong checks to do on the sensitive equipment.  Sometimes equipment cannot be subjected to the same tests that building site equipment is subject to and have had to repair lots of equipment damaged when it was being tested for safety.

Testing of in-service electrical equipment despite not being required by law, is often good practice and several regulations including the Health and Safety at work act 1974 and the Provision of Use of work equipment suggest equipment should be maintained in a satisfactory and orderly manner.

We provide in-house testing and can also visit sites.  We custom print all our stickers and they are durable professional printed stickers to clearly identify the equipment has been tested and carries all the required details.


Using the latest technology computerised testers we are able to send you the certificates via PDF the same day and hold digital copies of the results.  

We have a minimum test of 50 items when working local, or a minimum test of 10 items if you bring the equipment to our workshop to electrical safety test.  For a small number of items to test it actually takes as long to test as it does to prepare the results and email therefore we charge accordingly.  

Things we find while PAT testing