Halloween Equipment Hire Ideas Local to Harlow

If you’re looking for halloween equipment and ideas we have some great equipment and suggestions for hire and rentals.  Don’t forget these are just to give you some ideas.  If you have any specific requirements such as sound effects playback, projection of images with computer images then don’t hesitate to get in touch! 

Special effects collage for range of rental
Example of ultraviolet (blacklight) lighting and fluorescein fluorescent materials

UV, Black Light, Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet lighting often gets abbreviated to UV lights, or black lighting as true theatrical UV effect the lamps don’t really create much visible lighting.  The beauty of UV lighting is that it makes many materials flouress, such as neon colours, neon clothing, yellows, whites, oranges.  The picture to the left was taken using one of our battery UV lights.  You see the juggling balls glowing and the fluorescent green masking tape, yet the hand remains largely unlit!  Using our larger 400W cannons (hire link at bottom of page) you can light a small village hall with a pair and have been successful for many neon dayglow parties! We can supply both high power, and smaller battery UV lights which will light small areas or ideal for making things glow in the pitch dark for a spooky scene! 


You can find our UV cannons here 

Smoke Machines

Stocking both standard fog or smoke machines, and the low lying smoke machine in the picture to the right.  What better way to create a spooky scene than with misty smoke? Our large machine will fill a stage/ house in under a minute of burst and can slowly trickle out to create a continued fog.  The low lying smoke machine creates a low lying hugging effect (depending on movement in area) by cooling the smoke using standard ice cubes which are poured into the machine.  Browse our hire pages for machines available and their cost.

You can find our generic popular smoke machines to hire here 

Lowe level smoke machine looks like dry ice but made with ice
Battery uplights set to ultra violet (blacklight)

Battery UV lights

Battery UV lights, while not as powerful as the 400W cannons we have available can be more convenient for small parties.  They’re wireless and battery powered and can last up to 12 hours on a charge. 

The lights also features several thousand colours and shades able to generate any colour of the rainbow, orange and red are particularly popular.  Set to a cold blue and pumping smoke over the lights creates an eerie blue glow, enough to chill any soul! 

Browse our hire link at the bottom of the page to find UV battery lights to hire for your next event

Link to our most popular battery uplight which also features Ultra Violet colour 


We’re not quite sure why strobes are so popular for halloween hires, but they seem to be.  Our 1000W mega strobe packs a punch and features easy turn dials on the back for brightness, and flash speed.  Creating a crisp white light we always advise that strobes are used for short durations only, and not used or set-up directly in front of people or aimed directly at their eyes. It would also be advisable to check with your guests or customers if they suffer with any photo sensitive issues, such as migraines, or photo activated seizures.  We’ve specifically not said epilepsy as a blanket all, as not all kinds are triggered by light! 

If your looking to hire a strobe you can find them here 

Dmx strobe to hire

Solutions to add to your speaker system

We’ve hand picked some common items we hire when customers enquire about a sound system.

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