Events and Insurance.

It’s hard to go anywhere now without the risk of an insurance claim, health and safety and red tape.  Though we are not affiliated or biased to any one provider we have previously supplied details of an events insurance broker who are able to arrange insurance for one off events, sporting, wedding, Bands and DJ and fireworks to name but a few events.  

Event insurance can be found by clicking on this link and would be a good shout for any new events taking place.  

We advise all customers who hire off us to ensure they have suitable ‘hired in’ insurance to cover dry hires and any cross hires, for known cross hires and hires to other companies we often insist on proof of the insurance certificate.

For an event public liability is one of the key phrases which crops up for any license, this is the cover to protect the company from costs such as damage to buildings articles and persons.  Different events hold different risk and therefore require appropriate cover and consideration.