Temporary Electrical Services & Mains Distribution

The core to any event or temporary electrical service solution is the infrastructure.  With mains electricity you can provide lights, computers and laptops and supply necessary event equipment like projectors, speakers and amplifiers.  

We have an array of temporary rubber HO7 cables both single and three phase for running and distributing power around site for various requirements.

Hire solutions we provide

Our hire stock contains distribution and cabling of the following sizes:

-125A  Three Phase

-63A Single and Three Phase

-32A Single and Three Phase

-16A Single and Three Phase

-15A Round pin single phase

-13A Single phase

-Socapex 2.5mm power cables

Our range of temporary power solutions are not limited to events, they can cover planned power outages or temporary supply for electric upgrade.

More commonly our temporary power distribution is used for events, local business exhibitions in hotels and sports halls,  this has included Harlow Leisure centre for events.

With a background of electrical installation and awareness of BS7909 our technicians will always install a solid supply and specify the correct equipment for your temporary installations.

Previous Temporary Installations

We have provided temporary electrical services to the following situations, not necessary events!

-Temporary call centres requiring power for desks and computers

-Business exhibition in an aircraft hanger

-Building site with temporary power for welfare facilities

-Power for corporate events, with hot back-up for projection

-Broadcast studio satellite uplink control room while permanent power is installed.

– Communications server room while fixed electrical wiring is occuring.

-Local festivals

-Catering power for marquee events

-school sports days and fun days with small PA systems



Temporary Power & Generators

While we only keep small generators in stock for small requirements, we are able to use trusted 3rd parties to provide reliable bigger generators with extra fuel tanks, and an array of fuel types.  We’ve chosen to adopt this method of working with other generator supplies as the power source needs to be 100% reliable 100% of the time.  We know that our suppliers have a strict maintenance and renewal of all generators and they provide a quick repair onsite service in event of any failure or issues.  We will be more than happy to talk through your power requirements of your appliances or needs to ensure the most economical generating solution is sourced.  For critical requirements we can provide changeover systems and synchronised generators for hot backup.

Previous Exhibition Solutions

An Example of Hire stock

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